Job Description :

Client: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (USA)
Work location: Frisco, TX (Temporary remote)
*: $73/hour max
Note: Please look for 10+ years experienced Data Analyst candidates with multiple years of experience in Banking domain. Candidate should have AML/KYC, CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss) and data migration project experience. Strong SQL skills are required.
POSITION OVERVIEW : Business/Data Analyst with exptensive experience in Banking domain, AML/KYC, Data Migration projects, SQL Server.
Performing data extraction, cleansing, validation, modeling, interpretation and reporting to support a data migration project in the Accounting space with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for performance
Develop a repeatable process to analyze a set of data to match common or similar attributes between data sets
Work with database and automation developers to solution the appropriate architecture for a repeatable automated analysis and updates to the database.
Complete a gap analysis of required attributes in a large data set and build an exception report for Accounting partners
Design and create business requirements for customized reports and dashboards to support the new operational environment
Handling ad-hoc reporting requests, along with creating and managing reporting for data tool migration efforts
Analyzing data to identify key drivers impacting SLA results to recommend policy, process, or strategy modifications
Communicating reporting or analytic results internally within the team
Maintain, cleanse, and validate data for migration for the database as needed
09/07/2022 07:01 PMUtkarsh Kaushik (214504)Reason: Sufficient Resume Volume

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