Job Description :
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I have requirement for JAVA DEVELOPER, if you are comfortable for below position please let me inform, ASAP

Title:Java Developers
Location: Plano,TX (No Remote)
Visa: No H1b

Cyber initiative for FS Tech in Plano, addingresources to several different teams.
Project is for Cyber Security, implementingvarious systems for Auto Finance Servicing division.
o Multipleteams working on this and need to ramp up and scale
o 9-10teams will be adding resources
Looking for 4-5 years experience
Java based application with multiple API andbatch streams. Will implement and enhance systems vulnerabilities tocover data moving between systems
o i.e.if system is passing sensitive info from system to system, they will makechanges so only encrypted data is passed
o rehydrationof software
o Enhancementsin security/encryption and upgrade standards when sharing info with 3rdparties
AWS experience needed so they can update andconfigure in AWS (EC2, S3, Lambdas, IAM rules/security groups) Postgres/Oracle(any RDBMS)
o Lambdas—builtby DevOps team, but need to be able to work with them and understand serverlessenvironment well
o IAM—devsneed to be able to provide info to devops team to create them
o Actualworking experience in AWS, at least 1-2 years in AWS
Java, Spring, Spring Boot, microservices, RESTAPI’s, AWS
Will need to enhance existing microservices andAPI’s
Kafka is a plus