Job Description :
Design new application solutions, front and back-end, in collaboration with system engineering, our product management organization and partner engineering teams. Collaborate with our software engineering groups to achieve strong organizational performance and advance our technology strategy. Drive product delivery across multiple programs and verify results of remote teams who must work closely and collaboratively with your US-based engineers. Establish continuous integration and automated testing that scales to meet our growing portfolio of connected applications. Grow process maturity and establish quality metrics in conjunction with R&D management to meet customer expectations, reliability and system performance. Analyze, diagnose, and resolve customer problem reports, working closely with product support. Establish software lifecycle metrics that provide "management by data" for multiple projects running in parallel. Build a culture of quality and engineering rigors spanning the software engineering life cycle. Communicate status regularly to peer and senior management teams. Determines systems software design requirements. Ensures that system improvements are successfully implemented and monitored to increase efficiency. Generates systems software engineering policies, standards and procedures.

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