Job Description :
Primary Skills : Cloudformation, terraform, CI/CD pipeline build, Jenkins 2. 0, AWS, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, IAM, AWS Lambda, , RDS, Python, Splunk, CloudWatch, DataDog. , Docker, AWS ECS, EKS, Kubernetes

DevOps Responsibilities:

- Automate Infrastructure as a code (IaC) using Configuration Management tools like
cloudformation & terraform
- Implement CI/CD pipeline build & deployments of artifacts using Jenkins 2. 0
- Ensure Highly available & Fault-tolerant applications/Infrastructure in AWS
- Work with various AWS services like EC2, S3, IAM, AWS Lambda, RDS , Python
- Design & Implement monitoring solutions for Infrastructure & applications deployed in
AWS using Splunk, CloudWatch, DataDog.
- Hands on experience with building & deploying microservices based applications using Docker
- Orchestrate container based applications (Docker) using tools like AWS ECS, EKS & Kubernetes.

Minimum 4+ years of experience on AWS and Python.