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Irving, TX

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Senior Android developer with strong Kotlin experience

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o Android Media Player experience for video playback, experience in content protection and decryption for at least 5 years o Developing Android applications in Java/Kotlin, backend web services integration with video delivery services on Embedded devices for at least 5 years o Should have experience working in Agile development process for more than 7+ years o Understanding requirements, requirements breakdown, high level, low level software design, coding and development experience of at least 7 or more years as develop. --------------- o Experience in developing Android application rendering Live/Linear and VOD video delivery system and integration with CDN and DRM o Experience with Digital rights management (DRM) for end to end content protection and encryption services and delivery mechanism o Proficient in core java, kotlin, xml and software development tools - git, jira. o Strong understanding of core android fundamentals on Java application development - activities, views, intents, services, fragments, AndroidManifest, android lifecycle events. o Experience in Android app development in IDE environments and on the target devices. - Development, integration and testing of the application with media servers Experience in web services and application integration o Proficient in development, integration, testing, debugging and using android support libraries on IDE and target devices o Retrofit, OkHttp, Realm, web services, lean-back library, firebase, and other common libs and concepts. o Strong understanding of OOPs concepts. o Data handling in android. o Knowledge of cross platform development tools. o A self starter and come up with solutions to a given problem statement. o Familiarity with native Linux/C/C++ development environments is an added advantage.


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