Job Description :
Title: Agile Coach
Location: Remote
Key Skills:
- Strong understanding of Scrum and Kanban
- Experience as a Scrum master or with the agile methodology
- Knowledge of agile software development
- Knowledge of SAFe
- Strong communication and problem-solving skills.Interpersonal skills and patience
Role and Responsibi;ities:
- Attend daily standups.
- Perform one hour of mob programming.
- Work with product owner and a technical staff member refining stories.
- Pair for four hours with a programmer to help him develop code craft skills.
- Listen for performance problems and help the team resolve one.
- Pick an infrastructure backlog task and pair on it.
- Run the weekly lean coffee meetup.
- Meet with and attempt to resolve constraints and delays outside of the team.
- Help the team engage in retrospective thought and commitment to improvement

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