Job Description :
Role: Service Now Developer
Location: Fort Worth, TX.
Duration: Long Term

Job Description and Requried Skills:
Automated Discovery – Part of current scope. – Client DC Infrastructure CI''s   (DMZ+ Non-DMZ) Mid Server setup
Service Mapping – Should must have experience of Service Map development with 2 Tier Application, 3 Tier Application and Custom Application.
Dashboard – Assets CMDB. – Part of current scope. Should have a strong experience of understanding business expectations and accordingly develop CMDB Health Dashboards:
    Completeness Dashboards
    Correctness dashboards
    CI Discovered
    Business Service Mapping dashboards (reflecting the total BS, any event logged against the devices falling under the BS)
    Application discovered under each CI
    Discovery failure/errors with device details SCCM and Spectrum to feed CI information also.
Efficiencies – Auto ticket creation from Monitoring Tool (SCOM) – Auto incident creation from SCOM, CA Spectrum etc.
Orchestration – Should have good experience of infrastructure related task orchestration e.g. Server restart (Call external orchestration (Scroch) script)
Event Management – Should be well versed and experienced with MoM functionality.
    Must have hands on experience with SCOM and Spectrum to be integrated for auto incident creation.
    Event Mapping for accurate impact analysis
    Alert management rules for alert mapping
    Impact calculation
    Alert RCA implementation
Storage Usage Information – Should be able to do Storage discovery (If allowed by vendor IBM Else this will be done via a flat file fetched from remote site provided by vendor and then stored in SN. SAN level discovery
Nutanix & OpenShift Discovery
    Nutanix, OpenShift to be discovered.
    Custom probe need to be developed
Cloud Management – AWS, Azure etc. Integration with ServiceNow and Management
Operational Intelligence & Migration to Prod – Must have experience with migrating Dev Instance to Prod environment.

Client : Confidential