Job Description :
Skills: Lead D3.js Developer

Location: New York, NY

Demand ID: DMS_ 660267

Send Profiles to: Naveen Babu Palli and Cyril

No of positions: 1

Job Description:

o Software Engineer/ Lead - D3.js (5-12 yrs)

o Mandatory: 2 years’ experience in build visualization using D3.js and Highchart experience along with JavaScript (or iFrame) experience. Javascript is the preference

o Bachelor's in Computer Science, Business, Business Administration, or closely-related degree, or foreign equivalent

o At least 2 years of experience in the field of data visualization

o At least 6month experience with Oracle RDBMS (SQL/PLSQL) or MySQL

o To Analyse the Client Data .Understand the Requirement of the Client.

o Decide the charts which suits the data the best. With the parameters available to each charts. Might suggest for change of the charts which would give more insights.

o To create dynamic data visualization coded in any of the technologies (JavaScript/ Ajax

o The code is committed in git version on every change done.

o Provide the Application to the Testing Team.

o To Fix the issue raised by the testing Team

o Web development experience, including Python (or other scripting languages), JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and general visualization principles

o Experience with Massive Data processing

o Supporting deployment to production environments.