Job Description :
Skills & Qualifications:
10+ years of experience and well versed with multiple front-end and back-end technologies such as Angular, Bootstrap, Node, PHP, Spring, ReactJS, etc
Has good knowledge on webserver (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat) & data technology stacks.
Understand full stack development process and is familiar with REST, SOAP, Microservices etc.
Has good understanding of Micro-services architecture, LAMP/WAMP architecture and NoSQL database and Cloud architecture.
Plan and design the technology stack, structure, auto-scaling (AWS, Google Cloud) and deployment strategy (CI/CD, Jenkins) of the technology solution.
Knowledge of architectural styles and design patterns
Experience with service-oriented architecture (SOA)
Write clean, maintainable, efficient code that confirms to software development standards.
Experience in building Roku applications
Key Responsibilities:
Ability to design and develop high-performance enterprise applications for mobile, web, data warehouse and other technologies. The solutions may include those related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Android, iOS and various frontend and backend technologies.
Need to be hands-on in coding and having the ability to learn multiple new technologies, required for a technical solution and design the most optimal solution for the business problem.
Ability to communicate, convince the client of the usage of the solution. The solution should obviously be the best and the latest in the market.
Ensure to Align business initiatives to IT initiatives.
Proactively introduce new technology solutions for current business problems, technology obsolescence and keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and their impact on enterprise architecture.
Evaluate new products and solution platforms like cloud, Docker containers.
Ensure a stable computing environment that provides stability, Reliability and high redundancy.
Should have handled or contributed to RFI/RFP responses
Understands the Sales process/cycle in IT space.
Has actively been involved in application design including API design, database schema design etc.
Has led a team of multiple people in a demanding environment.
Can interact with the client directly on requirement gathering, delivery planning and implementation
Proven experience as a Technical Architect
Experience in setting up Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.
Understanding of strategic IT solutions