Job Description :
Role: Lead Devops Engineer

Location: Iselin, NJ

Duration: FTE/ CWR

Core Responsibilities:

·        Evangelize and help lead Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline implementations

·        Design and implement CI/CD pipelines

·        Guide organizations through technical implementation of DevOps practices

·        Evaluate software delivery lifecycles and provide recommendations for improvements

·        Implement site reliability practices and toolsets to improve MTTR

·        Integrate test automation solutions within the delivery pipelines

·        Identify cultural and process improvement opportunities

·        Establish relationships with senior leadership and help guide strategy

·        Collaborate with cross-functional teams - business stakeholders, engineers, program management, project management, etc. - to produce the best solutions possible

·        Review toolsets/technologies and provide suggestions for improvement where needed

·        Participate in scrum, design and code review sessions to evaluate and improve where necessary

Required Qualifications & Experience:

·        Experience with multiple CI/CD pipelines with  tools such as Jenkins,Sonar , Gitlab and Gradle

·        Proficient with Java and JSON/YAML

·        REST and WEB-Service experience

·        Release orchestration tools such as ElectricCloud and CA Release Automation tool.

·        Electric Cloud  Tool working knowledge  on  Electric Accelerator,  Electric Flow , Electric Commander and Plugins usage.

·        Working Experience Deployment Automation ,Application Process , Pipelines  and implementing the Entry/Exit gates.

·        Writing new Plugin as required for Organization Needs.

·        Configuration toolsets such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and  Terraform (AWS , OnPrem and Azure) with E Electric Cloud/Flow.Plugins

·        Containerization and management with Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos and OpenShift with Electric Cloud/Flow

·        Working experience of integrating AWS Services (EC2, EKS , Code Pipeline , Cloud Formations etc) with Electric Cloud/Flow.

·        Reliability, Monitoring such as  Splunk Prometheus, New Relic, App Dynamics

General microservice architecture understanding

Sikkander | IT Recruiter
AVTECH Solutions Inc.