Job Description :
Looking for 8+years of exp candidates.

Candidates for nearby States only.

We are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer to help build and improve an existing website. This person would work with the site owner to add additional functionality to the site. This person would work independently and within a team. They would be responsible for adhering to a set of departmental standards governing our vision of web development. This role is necessary in order to progress an existing website that drives optimization and efficiency within the supply chain by enforcing packing standards through all origins with minimal manual monitoring. Advances to the site will allow for greater sustainability and allows right-sizing of order quantities by sku. The site will allow for more accurate costing information prior to article creation.

Full Stack Web Developer. Expertise in Visual Studio, GIT source control, . NET core, Angular 8. Ability to work within an existing framework to enhance and extend functionality. Ability to build a site from the bottom up. Should be able to work by themselves and in tandem with other developers. Ability to work through the project lifecycle. Familiarity with Agile\Scrum methodologies. Need to be reliable and have good communication skills.


Jai Tiwari,
Technical Recruiter
ACE Technologies Inc
Email: a href=" mailto:jai@acetechnologies. com" > jai@acetechnologies. com/a>
Phone Ext. -4282