Job Description :

Requisition Name: Web Content Designer - Level 4

Estimated Duration: 01/03/2022 - 12/30/2022

Hartford CT 


This is Us

The State of Connecticut is embarking upon a digital transformation to uplift the lives and well-being of our residents, businesses, and employees. Our goal is to improve access to our programs and services, making interaction with government easier. When you join the Connecticut Digital Service, you’ll be part of a team creating simple experiences personalized for everyone. If you enjoy solving complex problems with a curious, supportive, high-performing team, then the State of Connecticut is the place for you.


Is This You?

Storytelling. You know how to reach and move an audience with an engaging story.

Empathy. You understand the needs of others and create content to address their issues.

Creativity. You look for fresh solutions to difficult problems through your content.

Embrace Change. You think outside of the box, understand the perspectives of others, and interpret and validate data to enhance and build new products alongside the team.

Organized. You work well with schedules and always meet deadlines.

Growth Mindset. You are willing to learn, take direction well, and seek opportunities to improve your work.

Service-Oriented. You are passionate about government innovation and improving services for citizens.

About the Role

The Content Developer will work closely with our cross-functional project team focused in building and improving the State of Connecticut’s digital government services. The Content Developer will support the mission by assessing and creating content for websites, knowledgebase hubs, chatbots, and digital applications. An ideal candidate should know content inside and out – how to structure it, how to write it, and how to use it in UX design. You must be more than a writer and must show a deep understanding of content and service design and how to creatively apply it.  

You will need to have a mastery of our audience and how your content will address their needs. In addition to knowing how to write for both broad and specific audiences, the candidate will also need to utilize content marketing tactics, SEO skills, and an ability to work in an Agile environment.

Experiences Required for This Role

Content Development – At least 3 years of measurable experience in the following:

·         Developing a content strategy that guides the creation of clear and well-structured content for the product or service

·         Planning for the discovery, structure, process, creation, delivery, governance, and archiving of content

·         Aligning content with business goals, stakeholder objectives, and user needs

·         Inventorying and auditing of content on a local or enterprise level

·         Copywriting – a high proficiency in writing for real people and motivating them to action

·         Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics to develop original content and optimize current content

·         Developing content for blogs, articles, webpages, , and ”how to” guides

·         Implementing core content goals that will capture attention and promote engagement from the target audience

·         Repurposing content in new ways to reach new audiences through multiple channels

·         Assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising, social media, and email campaigns

·         Proofreading content for errors and inconsistencies

·         Developing content using the best-practice principles of digital content design

SEO and analytics – At least 3 years of experience with the following:

·         Conducting keyword research and using SEO best practices to increase SERP results and build traffic to content

·         Creating headlines and body copy that utilize data from keyword research to help capture audiences

·         Discovering and developing proper KPIs and implementing ways to measure content success

·         Using research and analytics data to make sure content is meeting user needs

Content Optimization and Governance – At least 3 years of experience and use cases with the following:

·         Identifying customers’ needs and recommending new content to address gaps in our current content

·         Optimizing and categorizing content to align with an information architecture

·         Working with subject matter experts to write clear text in plain language that achieves defined goals

·         Reviewing and improving existing content for accuracy, legibility, accessibility, and compliance with State Content Guidelines

·         Structuring content to reflect how users like to engage with online material and address how they access material through different devices

·         Setting up governance models that support the maintenance of content after publishing

·         Maintaining content to ensure it’s discoverable, relevant, and always updated

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability

Content Development

·         Knowledge of content management systems

·         Excellent writing and editing skills

·         Content marketing

·         SEO and analytics

·         Knowledge/experience with project management tools (Microsoft Office Suite, Teams, Jira)

·         Effective communication skills

·         High emotional intelligence

Performance in Complex Situations

·         Ability to distill complex concepts into simple ideas

·         Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

·         Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, handle and prioritize simultaneous requests, and manage laterally and upwards

·         Comfort in blazing a path through an ambiguous work environment

·         Prioritization, organization, and triage in an independent environment

Team Player

·         Supporting teammates’ skills and behaviors development and delivery

·         Communication and collaboration with state-wide partners

·         Creative and analytical thinking with strong problem-solving skills

·         Judgement in dealing effectively and diplomatically with government staff

·         Ability to maintain strict confidentiality

Preferred Skills & Qualifications

Other Desirable Skills

·         Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field

·         3 years of content writing or copywriting experience for a company or institution in a full-time role with defined project-driven goals

·         Experience creating and managing content for customer-facing tools such as chatbots, helpdesk services, and knowledge base/FAQs

·         A portfolio of published online content

·         Industry certification in a field-related discipline

·         1 year of customer relationship management platforms such as Salesforce

·         1 year of web content management platforms such as Sitecore

Administrative Considerations

The Content Developer will work as part of an iterative team using agile sprints. Work will be assigned based on items in the product backlog associated with Website Improvements. These tasks may be adjusted, reduced, or expanded as the project progresses through various phases. The contract employee shall be expected to maintain and provide written documentation on any work performed in conjunction with this engagement.

The engagement will be for a term of up to 12 months. All work will be performed in eight (8) hour shifts, Monday to Friday, excluding State holidays. If workflow dictates an on-site presence is not needed, consultant may work remotely. All extended remote work will need approval by Chief Digital Officer or the designated manager. Payment will be on a time and material basis and paid only for hours worked. Travel to various state offices will be required. State Agencies are located in downtown Hartford and the Greater Hartford area. Local Travel Reimbursement is not provided.

Use of State ResourcesThe contractor will share a dedicated office space and will be provided with all computer hardware and software needed to execute and perform the duties for this program.

Security/Privacy Considerations: Information accessible by the contractor may be sensitive, confidential, or subject to the Privacy Act and/or HIPAA considerations. Contractor personnel must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of appropriate regulations and/or instructions. Signing of a confidentiality agreement will be required. Daily sign-in to the facility may be required. The contractor employee must always display an access badge while present in state facilities. A background check will be required.

  Type   Category   Qualification   Description   Competency   Required    
  Skills   Others   Content marketing       Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   Salesforce       Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   SEO and analytics       Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   Sitecore       Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   Web content management systems   Knowledge of content management systems   Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   Writing and Editing Skills       Advanced (7-9 Years)   No  
  Education   Others   Bachelor's Degree   Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field   Proficient (4-6 Years)   No  
  Skills   Others   Communication skills both verbal and written       Proficient (4-6 Years)   No



Harika Metla

Technical Recruiter





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