Job Description :
Position: Vmware HCX L3 Location: Newark, CA Duration : Contract Rate : $Negotiable Job Responsibilities: Deploy the OVA using distributed port group, data stores and compute resources designed for Management virtual machine. For private to private deployments, the HCX Cloud Manager should be deployed first at the destination site. Use the HCX Installer from This installer will install HCX Cloud and automatically download the latest updates. Once the HCX Cloud Manager installed Use the Download HCX Enterprise Client link to download the HCX Enterprise Manager OVA for the source site installation. For private to public deployments, HCX Cloud is already installed by the cloud provider. Access the HCX dashboard, and use the Download HCX Enterprise Client link to download the HCX Enterprise Manager OVA for the source site installation. During the OVA deployment, provide a functional DNS server that can provide resolution for both external targets like and internal targets, like the vCenter Server and ESXi hosts FQDNs. During the OVA deployment, provide live NTP servers that are reachable. Confirm the HCX Manager system is using synchronized time. The HCX Manager IP address should able to route to both internal and external targets Configuration for Active Directory based authentication: Create a new hcx-admins local group in the vCenter Server SSO Users and Groups screen. Add the Active Directory Groups that will operate HCX services to the group Assign the Administrator Role to the new group. Jumbo MTU can be configured when the underlying network infrastructure supports it end to end. Enabling the WAN Optimization service is recommended on deployments that are not able to dedicate 10Gbit paths for migrations. Using the HCX Optimization service improves the characteristics of the transport path that HCX services will operate across Use HCX to extend virtual machine networks (VLAN Port Groups and VXLANs/GENEVE Logical Switches Never extend same VLAN to the same target more than once. Never use HCX to extend the vSphere Management network or other vmkernel/cluster networks (e.g. vmotion/vsan/replication) to the remote site. Never extend the networks used for HCX appliance interfaces. WAN optimization - VM affinity -Create a group that contains HCX-IX and the HCX-WAN-OPT appliance. Create a rule that keeps those virtual machines together HC- IX optimization- for high churn VM migration- Ensure HCX- interconnect appliances is not resource constrained , cpu/mem reservations for the IX appliances, Sharing resource pool with another workload in the cluster is discouraged . A dedicated resource pool is recommended WAN optimizer if used and Interconnect appliances are disk intensive resources, use high iops storage or premium storage class for WO and IX appliances Using dedicated VMkernel port for vSphere Replication traffic at source vCenter and Target vCenter will help tremendously in faster speed than co-mingling and sharing vSphere Replication traffic with management traffic. HCX Network Profile networks should never be extended. Taking snapshots of a VM during migration, either manually or using a third-party backup solution, it can disrupt the migration process. To prevent any impact, it is required to stop those services that may create or remove snapshots during migration If disk changes occur during the switchover phase, the changes are not recognized, which can affect the success of the migration operation. Support for adding or removing disks is available only with Bulk and Replication Assisted vMotion migrations. Ensure sufficient compute and storage capacity on target sites

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