Job Description :
Job Description :-

Engineering background people will have these skills

The user interface tier that is not basic Kibana dashboards will be done in Angular.

1. It is important that whomever is hired for any user experience design comes into the job having expertise in what implementation facets, patterns for visualization, navigation, drill-down, etc has an appreciation for the work need to build a proper Angular presentation design and how this will fold into punch out calls into Kibana.

2. The resource must also have some experience and awareness of the capabilities and limits of Tableau since that is where we are starting from in what the customer has and where the team currently in KP is building things forward from.

3. The resource must also have expertise in the considerations necessary in providing visualizations and function on top of document based databases that are not relational. Things that are trivial and the freedom you have in visual design you have with a SQL backend are not there with Elastic. Should this UX designer build a sophisticated highly-functional set of interfaces that are a conglomeration of data in many indices. designing without consideration for the complexities in bringing silo index data together

4. The candidate must have the skills to design sophisticated UX designs that are going to be assembled in Angular that will be working from data that only comes from a document based Elastic data source.

5. The resource cannot just be a look and feel designer, that will get us in trouble. They should have Angular skills and be able to build the scaffolding of what they mockup imo. Without that the transition of taking his/her UX work to mid level skilled Angular resources is going to be a chasm and a point of issue. The resource must be very good at collaberating with other resources that will build off of his/her mockups and rough scaffolding implementation.