Job Description :

· Develop responsive web applications in an Agile environment

· Perform hands-on software development, typically spending most of time actually writing code

· Create unit tests, doing proof of concepts, conducting code reviews, and testing in ongoing sprints

· Perform ongoing refactoring of code, utilizing visualization and other techniques to fast track concepts, and delivering continuous improvement

· Work closely with product managers, back-end and other front-end developers to implement versatile solutions to tricky web development problems

· Finalize HTML prototypes into Web Applications by integrating with back-end services and functionality


· BS or MS degree in computer science, or equivalent 6+ years of work experience

· 5-6+ years’ experience working in JavaScript and able to demonstrate good JavaScript knowledge

· 2-3 years of experience designing and building React applications

· Ability to demonstrate good web fundamentals & knowledge of DOM

· Experience writing adaptive and responsive UI applications

· Knowledge of HTML5, Redux, Express Middleware with recent experience in ES6

· 2-3 years of experience in writing JavaScript applications in Node.js

· Experience with REST based interfaces

· 2-3 years of working experience in an Agile or SAFe development environment

· Excellent communication skills with good attitude, communication, willingness to learn and collaborate

· Ability to demonstrate strong architectural and UX principles and that are data-driven

· Ability to manage your own time, and work well both independently and as part of a team.