Job Description :
Java Developer
Orem, UT
6 month Contract

Prescreen questions must be completed and returned before I can submit.

1-Whathave you built with Spring before?
2-Whatdid Spring provide that helped meet system requirements?
3-What did Spring provide that caused problems or that had to be bypassed?

Message-passingor queue-based systems (e.g. JMS, RabbitMQ, etc):
1- Whichqueue-based systems have you used before?
2- How were the queues used in the system?


1-Whatwere some of the responsibilities of one of the REST microservices you''ve written?
2-Whatwas the sustained throughput in production in requests per second?
3-Whatwas the bottleneck that prevented higher throughput?
This willbe both some maintenance coding to learn their systems, legacy frameworks,products. Then also be new software solutions development.

They are primarily enterprise solutions productsfor the financial industry. Team is about 8 people. This also includes testdriven development and other QA practices.


Required Skills:
Strong backend Java 3 years
Message-passing or queue-based systems
Team Player Open to feedback,
3 years Java (or other OO language)
Unit Tests - Test-driven development, mocking libraries, code coverage
Exposure to CI/CD pipeline, code analysis, code review process
Exposure to DevOps Monitoring - Proactive Notifications Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis in Complex Distributed Systems Experience with load/stress testing and performance tuning
Experience with issue tracking system (JIRA, VersionOne, FogBugz, Rally, Bugzilla, etc
Experience with version control (Git, Subversion, Mercurial, etc
Dependency Injection Familiarity with Design Patterns
Mentoring Familiarity with Agile Software Development Processes

Desirable but Optional
Asks Probing Questions
Cloud Experience
Stream Processing in Memory Cache Wealth of Technical
Experience Independently Deployable Services

Lots of light and windows
Business Casual or Jeans
Somewhat quiet office space
Close to mall, shopping, restaurants
Front-Runner train drops off nearby, and then a main bus line to the office park