Job Description :
Data Engineer
12 month Contract
Seattle, WA

Job Description:
End to end ownership of ETL data pipelines, from ingestion of data to consumption by business intelligence and advanced analytics teams.
Design and build an automated, self-service data platform, freeing teams to focus on customer features and analysis.
Evolve existing tools and framework to support new scalability requirements as well new functionality as needed.
Identify and drive new solutions to enhance the development cycle to increase development productivity.
Work with product owners to identify and mature upcoming business needs and develop technical backlog to answer those needs in a timely manner.
Work with team to identify and resolve technical debt to improve the team''s throughput.
Skills Required:
Strong communication skills.
Deep experience designing and implementing highly scalable, distributed application systems.
8 Years of Professional Experience.
5 years’ experience building data pipelines.
5 years’ experience programming in Python or Java.
Extensive knowledge in fine tuning SQL, understanding optimizers, and execution plans.
Extensive experience architecting complex data models to handle millions of transactions.
Experience in application design and Implementation using agile practices & TDD.
Experience leveraging open source data infrastructure projects, such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Flink, Samza, Avro, Parquet, Hadoop, Hive, HBase.
Experience with Google Analytics, Kubernetes, Java Spring, Apache Airflow, or Snowflake is a plus