Job Description :
Title: Data Modeler
Location: San Jose, CA
Duration: Long Term

Tools & Technologies
ER/Studio , VB scripting, Snowflake, Teradata , SQL

Job responsibilities
Create Logical and Physical data models using Embarcadero ER/Studio, employing IDEF1X specification and 3rd Normal Form for OLAP and OLTP systems.
Provide and enforce best practices and governance standards, normalization, data classification, quality data solutions for Enterprise Data Warehouse.
Conduct modeling sessions with project teams across all business groups, gather and define data requirements for Enterprise Data Model.
Lead discussion with stakeholders designed to transform Subscriber Data Requirements(SDR) into a logical model with clearly-written business definitions for logical entities & attributes data in a way that is consumable by a wide business audience.
Enforce architectural standards and train Developers, Technical Leads, Project Managers, and Systems Analysts regarding best practices for Enterprise Data Warehouse Design.
Identify repeatable processes and develop automation macros using VBScript and Er/Studio’s OLE Automation Interface to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of modeling processes.
Perform light Data Analysis, Data Profiling using SQL queries on the metadata as needed.