Job Description :
Job Role: ASG Data Lineage Consultants/Developers
Current Location: New York, NY (role will start remote )

Overview of Skill-Sets Desired:
Must have knowledge of data lineage and experience within financial industry; STRONG PREFERENCE with experience in ASG Data Catalog
Emphasis on Data Access, Scanning, Stitching within metadata layer
Candidates need GREAT communication skills as they will need to explain overall process to source owner
Solid understanding of DB structures

Specific Tooling:
Data Catalog, Informatica IDC, Informatica EDC Build stitching linage inside data catalog tool
ASG DI or shade tool, IBM ISG/Watson, Informatica IMM or ECD (data lineage tools)
ASG/Rochade, Becubic, Scanning, Data Lineage
o Point the tool at a system and it scans data at flight, data at rest, and auto builds the lineage

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