Job Description :
Title: Telecom Network Engineer with development experience.

Location: Edison, NJ

Job Description:

ITAS utilizes Netflow data collected from routers to perform IP traffic and application analysis for AT&T’s core background routers and supports AVPN, VOIP, UVERSE, CLOUD, VAN, MOBILITY, and GMIS. It is used by CSO to investigate DDOS attacks, Network Planning and Operations to investigate traffic patterns and anomalies/outages, Capacity Planning to understand customer and application traffic patterns and predict changes, Marketing and Product Management for understanding customer traffic characteristics, Executive reports for Traffic growth, and Operations to generate reports on Signature customers. The position is for a developer but with IP networking experience so can relate system solutions to this domain; will build new feature capabilities and support existing application.

Required Skills:

Has basic knowledge of IP networks, routers/devices, and demonstrable previous experience of working in this domain
7+ years development experience with Java, multithreading, C++/C, Perl and Shell.
Extensive experience doing development and development support on Linux systems

Highly Desired:

Significant IP network experience including hands on experience with IP traffic matrices for network engineering.
Experience with system-system interfaces to acquire data, sftp/scp/ssh
Have designed and built systems for large data volume applications with high performance
Agile and scrum team experience


Python, expect, tcl/tk experience
Eclipse experience
Daytona database
Containerization, microservices, portability to Kubernetes
Experience with DevOps to build solutions with production support needs in mind