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Senior Data Warehouse Specialist
Jackson Graham Building (Washington DC)
Due Date to SFA for Consideration: Due to SFA 11/17/2020 at 2:00PM
Duration of Project: 3000 Hours

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Requirement #: FQ15124-TOG1-RFQ311- PR55122
Posting Title: Senior Data Warehouse Specialist
Location: Jackson Graham Building
Due Date to SFA for Consideration: Due to SFA 11/17/2020 at 2:00PM
Duration of Project: 3000 Hours

Data Warehouse Specialist for GTFS Datamart-API project to develop a Datamart with an API enabled to deliver data in GTFS format internally and externally in real time.


Data Mart Designs, ETL Program and algorithm designs, Data stage upgrade and administration, Cognos Framework Manager models Lifecycle, metadata, and other technical documentation as required by SDLC and WMATA IT Business Intelligence standards standards. The successful candidate will have in-depth and broad experience related to: Capture and use mobile device data for customer analysis Create relational data models Develop robust data cleansing routines, complex algorithms, and aggregate data for dashboards using mobile device and financial data Provide technical leadership for other team members Communicate and collaborate effectively with end users, analysts, SMEs, and report developers on full lifecycle BI projects Technical skills required include: At least 10 years experience designing and developing ETL and data models in data warehouse/data mart environments involving extensive data cleansing and/or tight algorithm design; At least 2 years experience developing for Oracle 12(c); At least 3 years experience using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2008/2016 for end to end ETL development for BI applications, especially for financial reporting; At least two years experience developing for consumption by Cognos; Experience developing in Java;

Supplemental Duties:

WMATA currently publishes rail and bus schedule and real-time vehicle location information in the GTFS format via an API. The API is used by third-party app developers to provide customers with information about our scheduled and real-time service to aid in trip planning and decisions to ride our system. WMATA does not currently consume or store the data in the GTFS format for its own use, but has several new requirements to do so: 1. Share GTFS data with regional partners to fulfill Bus Transformation Project commitments. The region has agreed to collect and share standardized bus operations and performance data across agencies to improve transparency and better plan bus service (Recommendation B of the Bus Transformation Project The WMATA data management working group (composed of staff from BTSS, IT, PERF, PLAN, IPLN and STIN) decided to leverage the GTFS formatted data as much as possible in order to minimize the burden on WMATA and regional staff to collect and share data. 2. Use GTFS as the official source of performance metrics (e.g. Bus on-time performance) for internal and external reporting. This will enhance transparency and accountability, as third parties are already using WMATA GTFS data to calculate their own performance metrics. It will also improve the data quality of our GTFS feed¿the primary source of information used by our customers to make decisions to ride our system¿by increasing the visibility and attention that senior leaders pay to this source. 3. Use free, open source analytic tools developed by staff at other transit agencies to evaluate performance and inform service planning decisions (e.g. bus speed map developed by Metro Transit in Minneapolis, prediction accuracy evaluation developed by MBTA This will allow Metro to replace purchased tools, saving money (e.g. a current Swiftly contract is $500K per year, including a module on bus speeds that could be replaced with the open source tool by Metro Transit)

Responsibilities Perform difficult and complex technical assignments regarding the modification and/or development of complex data warehousing initiatives to align information technology solutions with business initiatives Contribute to the requirements analysis, data design, database architecture, metadata and repository creation for the data warehouse Design and develop the most complex Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes for the data warehouse Quality review data loaded into the warehouse Trouble-shoot and tune existing data warehouse applications Minimum Requirements Eight (8) years related experience performing difficult and complex data engineering activities regarding the design and development of existing and new data marts Demonstrated experience in Oracle data warehouse development Complex ETL design and development experience using PL/SQL and ETL tools Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Systems, Information Systems/Technology, Engineering/Engineering Technology, Software Engineering/Programming Experience with transit data warehousing is a plus

Sunny Kumar
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Client : wmata


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