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Business Intelligence Analyst/Developer - PowerBI and Tableau
 Long Beach, CA (Local Only)

Job Description:
We need an Business Intelligence Analyst/Developer with PowerBI and Tableau experience for a 6+ month contract for a public sector client in Long Beach, CA.

This position transforms time-critical data extracted from complex, multi-sourced locations into simpler, unified and aggregated information suitable as input for executive business reporting, presentation summary and decision making purposes.

The position will leverage the individual’s knowledge of design and development capability of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to establish data relationships, validate data integrity, and build data models and visualizations of operational, analytical, historical, and forecast information. The candidate must convey mastery of timely data investigation and analysis concepts (identify data sources, data definitions, and business process usage and lifecycle flow of data) with time frame estimates along with the ability to collaborate with team members, and communicate with team, management, and peer stakeholders effectively and concisely to set proper expectations. He/she will be responsible to envision, determine, manage and provide information insight, improvement and effectiveness opportunities, workarounds, or alternatives based on data content expertise for peer and senior stakeholder consideration in a professional manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Participate in a full solution development lifecycle including: business case, prioritization, planning, design, development, testing, migration, and production support.

2. Collaborate with users to develop effective and efficient metadata.

3. Identify reporting and dashboard requirements.

4. Assist in strategic placement of business logic within the ETL and/or metadata models.

5. Build a highly integrated enterprise data warehouse metadata or semantic models.

6. Design and build unified reports, dashboards and data extractions across multiple business units and data sources.

7. Develop and execute testing methods and processes for reports and metadata models.

8. Organize documentation to support project report requirements, business intelligence architecture, and data.

9. Provide design specifications and data lineage and definitions to the enterprise data warehouse data dictionary.

10. Apply analytic skills to understand business processes, data flows, host systems, applications and stakeholder involvement and interaction with data.

11. Identify, lead, communicate and implement improvements, workarounds and options related to data ETL to local data store/database for constructing data model and meeting dynamic output requirements and schedules while ensuring data integrity and effectiveness.

12. Creation of User Interface (UI) portal/website components to display information in static, dynamic, or interactive mode for consuming stakeholders. This may be in conjunction with SharePoint or similar technologies.

Required Knowledge and Attributes

1. Must be self-motivated; possess strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple assignments verbally given; possess exceptional interpersonal, collaborative and communication skills; have the ability to assimilate business objectives and transform them into actionable Engineering initiatives

2. Experience working effectively across organizational and functional boundaries to gather information related to data sourcing, usage or technologies

3. Analytic to understand business processes, financial calculations, capacity and demand forecasting, data flows, host systems, applications and stakeholder involvement and interaction with data

4.  Experience working with multiple data analysis, reporting tools and technologies, and BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, etc.

5. Demonstrates good coping skills and analytical problem solving skills

6. Strong skills with the Microsoft Office product suite, including Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint

7. Demonstrates ability to perform detail-oriented work with a high degree of accuracy.

8. Self-directed and self-motivated individual who takes complete ownership of the data processes and its outcome

9. Strong organizational skills, planning skills and must work effectively within teams.

10. Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

11. Well aware that data integrity and consistency are key to trust and adoption of produced information

12. Ability to adjust to multiple demand and constituencies by shifting priorities and through rapid change and flexibility

Required Education and Experience

1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience required

2. 3+ years business intelligence development

3. 3+ years Microsoft Power BI experience (SharePoint/201/2017, PBIRS/SSRS, Excel2016/2019)

4. 3+ years of experience working with the project management lifecycle or software development lifecycle

5. 3+ years of experience working with warehousing methodologies/designs and processes (ETL, Data Modeling)

6. 3+ years of experience working with VBA programming in Excel and Access

7. Demonstrated ability to write SQL queries and use of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database tables and connectivity

8. Experience with other BI tools such as PBIRS, SSRS, SSAS and Tableau

9. Analytic skills a must to understand business processes, financial calculations, capacity and demand forecasting, data flows, host systems, applications and stakeholder involvement and interaction with data.

10. Critical thinking a must. Problem solving skills with the ability to look for root causes and implementable, workable solutions

11. Proven ability to perform high quality technical documentation and presentations

We would strongly prefer candidates who are LOCAL to the Long Beach, CA area. A VIDEO interview will be required and the selected candidate will work remotely until our end client deems it safe to work in the Long Beach office.

Sunny Kumar
Technical Recruiter Cybertec, Inc
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