Job Description :

Job Description

5+ Years of relevant experience

Write test requirements and a test plan for a long-running, highly-available embedded UNIX system. A stretch goal would be to write executable/automatable test cases (implementation of the test plan).
The UNIX system under test is a QNX Neutrino OS running on an NXP S32V (ARM64) embedded platform that has many of the operating characteristics and resources of a traditional UNIX system (e.g. TCP/IP/Ethernet networking, file system, disk partitions, system logs, prioritized processes and threads, user accounts/permissions/quotas).
A qualified candidate would have experience defining the reliability assurance requirements and validation of those requirements for multiple types of long-running highly-available UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems (e.g. Linux running on x86 datacenter servers).
On-going management (Site Reliability Engineering)  experience of such systems would be helpful experience. Embedded systems experience is not strictly required, but would be a plus (ideally, embedded Linux or QNX).


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