Job Description :
They will try to do just 1 round of interview, but there may be 2. Candidates will also have to take a screening assessment. No H4 and CPT.

A UNIX Analyst/Engineer
St. Louis, MO
No H1B
6+ months

Working with a tool called Acces C.
This person will be working with that tool.
Most of the items that run through this tool are automated and they are all about access management.
Most go through just fine, but the ones that don''t prompt this person that there is an error with a user access.

Anupam Amita | Team Lead- Recruitment | Apetan Consulting LLC |
Phone * 107
Mailing Address: 72 Van Reipen Avenue pmb# 255, Jersey City, NJ 07306

At this point the person must be able to dive into Unix/Linux, Oracle, Postgres, Tandem or Mainframe and pinpoint where the error is.
This is where the scripting comes into play.

Bash, Power shell, python, etc is perfectly acceptable. They have to have one.

Familiarity with general access provisioning/management concepts (approvals, segregation of duties, etc
Scripting languages:
1. Python – Intermediate
1. Power shell – Intermediate
1. Shell – Intermediate
1. “Strong” Experience with at least 2 of the following platforms (more the better):
Active Directory
1. Technical Troubleshooting experience (examples giving in interview or resume)
2. Medium to high level of independence