Job Description :
Identify all the Major components of a Computer (PC or Server), Understand the basics of networking such as switch/port configuration, routers, cabling of servers, Know how to open a command line on a Windows/Linux System, and run commands in that session, Demonstrate strong communication skills to include Verbal and written, Validate information via a database, Documentation skills (can clearly document and log work that has been done),

Strong customer service skills with the ability to balance technical support, Understand the basic interrelationships of the products including the network, Knowledge of multi-vendor environments Level 1 Technical team members are responsible for working with installers to ensure servers, shelves/rails, cabling are properly installed and online. Identify hardware to be removed and assist on-site technician with the proper labeling of decommissioned hardware. All team members will take direction from the 2nd/3rd shift Project Leader