Job Description :
Client is looking for a UI/UIX developer to assist him with the Enterprise Application Dev project at Hillsdale college. Minimum 3 days onsite.

They have to be able to dev full stack with specialty in client-side technologies.

Wireframing and prototyping (Balsamiq, JSFiddle, Codepen, Sketch, Photoshop)
HTML5, CSS, SCSS, SVG, BootStrap (Sass, LESS, Stylus, Grunt, Gulp, Minifying)
App, Mobile, iOS, Responsive and Progressive Design
Typescript, JavaScript, ECMA 5, ECMA 6+, SignalR
React, Angular, MVC/Razor, WebApi, Ember
Testing: Nodejs, Mocha, chai, qunit

Will require design samples and practical exercise

Education and/or Experience Requirements:

li>Bachelors degree, or equivalent degree, in Design, HCI, related field or equivalent professional experience within the design field/li>
li>Minimum 5 years of professional working experience in UI/UX Design/li>
li>Fluency in best practices for web-based information architecture and design, as well as strong knowledge of usability principles and techniques/li>
li>Visual design expertise demonstrated through mockups and style guides/li>
li>Demonstrated history of acquiring user data (e.g., conducting usability studies, user interviews, contextual inquiry)/li>
li>Excellent communication, presentation and storytelling skills/li>
li>Ability to visually communicate complex systems and processes/li>
li>Possess good technical understanding preferably in HTML5 and CSS to discuss design alternatives and solutions with developers/li>
li>Experience designing for a variety of form factors including mobile and desktop/li>
li>Ability to work independently and in a team environment/li>
li>Ability to work in a start-up style environment, where iteration is encouraged/li>
li>Proficient with standard design tools such as Sketch/li>
li>Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills/li>

li>Wireframing and prototyping (Balsamiq, JSFiddle, Codepen, Sketch, Photoshop)/li>
li>HTML5, CSS, SCSS, SVG, BootStrap (Sass, LESS, Stylus, Grunt, Gulp, Minifying)/li>
li>App, Mobile, iOS, Responsive and Progressive Design/li>
li>Typescript, JavaScript, ECMA 5, ECMA 6+, SignalR/li>
li>React, Angular, MVC/Razor, WebApi, Ember/li>
li>Testing: Nodejs, Mocha, chai, qunit/li>