Job Description :

UI/React.js Developer

Dallas, TX – Remote  (Locals only)

12 Months+


No of Openings: 2

Required Skills: Frontend Developer / UI Developer React.js Redux JavaScript HTML/CSS

Job Description

JavaScript - vanilla from scratch – this is super important some UI devs rely on pulling form libraries and this is not the case

html/css - make sure to include this on screenings

React/Redux - If no react must have a big presence on GitHub

Unit Testing - Karma, mocha, and jasmine they are using now, chia blended, now they are moving to cypress, if they have enzyme or jest.  They are writing all their own unit testing. Need to have a mindset of catching everything in their unit testing so QA does not catch anything.

Build tools - like webpack are a bonus

If they have done animation in react components that is a plus - as they move forward they are doing this more and more

Worked in a large scale application is a plus-their performance is based on code quality, how you approach large scale application?


Ideal Candidate:


Expected experience/knowledge:

 ·         HTML/CSS and CSS animation knowledge

 ·         Functional programming with Javascript (ES6), ReactJS (React 16), Redux (Redux is a nice to have, since we’re going there, but we are currently using a custom implementation of the flux pattern for application state)


Level Expectations:


The meta developer; highly experienced, stands out in a crowd and often viewed as a master in their craft. ?

Typically specializes in one area (i.e. Front End) but should have experience in multiple areas, or worked on many different applications. ?

Has proper intuition of the best practice patterns and are looking to improve and modularize them. ?

Able to visualize the structure of an application based on a discussion, or imagine how a new framework/library may be implemented (or have written one)?

Mentor to others.  Has good communication and presentation skills 


 ·         Self driven, able to solve new problems, and confident in trying out new tools or frameworks  ?

 ·         Able to explain implications, pros and cons of jQuery, frameworks and pure javascript; able to write applications from scratch?

 ·         For UI, demonstrates understanding of MVC pattern and can implement with vanilla Javascript without assistance of frameworks ?

 ·         Able to think modularly and somewhat predict/recognize bad constructs of code.


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