Job Description :

Title: UI Engineer

Location : Santa Clara, CA

Duration : Long Term

Job Description :

  • Understand the fundamentals of web design, with the ability to create solutions using web standards technology, with ___ years of experience working with standard technology: CSS/HTML/JavaScript
  • Solid experience with pure JavaScript without the need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions
  •  Work with Product Manager and UX designer to understand requirements and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX design
  •  Experience using tools including: source control tool (Git), package managers (NPM, Grunt), transpiler (Babel), and build tools (WebPack, Bower)
  •  Understanding of all major browsers and their compatibilities
  • Understanding how to manipulate elements, use a debugger, execute scripts, and inspect network resources using browser developer tools
  • Experience with following: LESS, Angular, TypeScript, Jasmine, jQuery
  •  Experience with WebGL or graphics scripting framework (OpenSeadragon, PaperJS, FabricJS, ThreeJS) is a plus
  • Experience with Electron, WebSockets, or Jenkins is a plus.

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