Job Description :
Job Description:
Experience 10+ years
Very Strong communication and consulting skills
Strong front-end development skills, experience with JavaScript libraries/frameworks mainly Angular JS Preferably Version 7 or Version 5
Experience working with server-side JavaScript Frameworks and build tools (node.js, bower, grunt, gulp)
Demonstrable experience developing large-scale applications using one or more MV* patterns (MVVM, MVC, MVP)
Expertise in developing single page web applications using front-end routing, consuming JSON-based RESTful APIs, client-side templating
Strong competency in responsive layouts leveraging CSS and media queries and related UI frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Foundation)
Experience with CSS preprocessors (e.g., Sass, LESS)
Experience with code analysis tools (e.g., JSLint, JSPerf)
Practical knowledge of web page optimization techniques and guidelines for fast page load times
Strong understanding of Ajax and/or promises
Experience working in an agile, multidisciplinary team.
Experience working with a distributed version control system (git, mercurial)
Experience writing unit tests in one or more of the following: karma, mocha, chai, sinon, jasmine, jest
Experience working on AWS. Basic understanding of Security Groups/ VPC etc.
Experience on working with & integrating with microservices
Experience on developing/ using CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins/ Git

Client : NA