Job Description :
Role: UI Architect
Location: Northbrook, IL
Duration: 12+ Months Contract.

USC/Greencard candidates are encouraged to Apply!

Job Description:
In the role, the candidate will engage in the architecture, design, implementation, and documentation of UI architecture within CVS. They will also work hands-on leading by example with proof of concepts, reference implementations, and you'll support architectural guides and present the work.
Build POCs. Help and support developers in implementing architectural suggestions and guidelines
Innovate in adopting new technologies and best design practices to ensure our products are the best in usability
Learn the application capabilities and ensure the technical feasibility of UI designs
Provide technical and architectural support to UI team members
Contribute to architecture, design, and implementation of enterprise-class UI
Conduct design and code review with a major focus on the best UX, performance, scalability, security, and future expansion
Direct and produce technical designs/architectures at a project, product, and program level with proficiency in the areas of design/UI integrity, service continuity, component redundancy, security, etc.
Collaborate with visual, experience designers, and engineers to implement new features
Mentor and coach junior engineers and seek the opportunity to bring in continuous improvements to implement
Work closely with project team members (UX designers, Product Management, Business Analysts, Software Developers)

Required Qualifications
6+ years of experience developing or architecting Web Application UI with JavaScript, React JS, or AngularJS (knowledge of Angular 5+ required) based frameworks
6+ years of experience on UI frameworks such as AngularJS, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML5, CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS etc
3+ years of some experience with Typescript and Objected oriented Javascript

Preferred Qualifications
Experience with responsive, adaptive UI design and development
Experience related to security oriented projects and solutioning.
Experience with BackboneJS, Angular, Polymer, and other popular front-end frameworks
Some experience with NodeJS and related server-side concepts
Experience with ES6/ES7/ES8, UI Middleware
Experience with UI sharing: Web Components, Micro-frontends, Control/Pattern libraries and tools
Experience with state management: Flux, Redux, NGRX, and related patterns
Experience with packaging, bundling technologies, and library management tools
Experience with the UX success factors accessibility, usability, and aesthetics
Experience in developing micro-components, microservices, and deploy on cloud platforms like GCP, Amazon EC2, and Azure
Experience in server-side: micro-services, CDNs, data caches, and stores
Experience in Jenkins, CI/CD Pipeline, GIT and other DevOps principles
Experience working with Agile development frameworks
A systems problem solver, able to move fluidly between high-level abstract thinking and detailed implementation
Open-minded to new ideas & approaches, and ability to implement the ideas using various technologies
A self-starter that is naturally inquisitive.

About Centraprise:
Centraprise is a Technology Solutions company, a company comprising of technology professionals specialized in designing and implementing solutions to our customers. By understanding what drives our specialty industries, becoming involved in our communities on a professional and personal basis, following a disciplined process of identifying quality candidates, partnering with employers to understand their core business and their employment requirements, and delivering exceptional service, we achieve great results for all concerned.

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