Job Description :
Job Title: Transmission line Engineer/Designer
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Duration: 12+ months

Inspects its electric transmission tower and poles to evaluate their strength, durability and quality. Under the direction of Customer , Contractor resource shall provide analysis and evaluations of drone data from Customers flights above and around our electric towers and poles.

Job Description:
Resources shall review drone photograph data and complete a detailed inspection form and as required write notification(s The review of each structure is expected to take one resource 1 hour of time to complete.
Based on criteria defined by Customer, Resources shall identify findings and submit these to an additional Customer team further review.
Equipment included in this scope includes, but is not limited to: Tower and lattice steel structures, wood poles, Tubular Steel Poles (TSPs), and Light Duty Steel Poles (LDSPs)
Analysis and review of structures includes, but is not limited to: Insulators, conductors, hardware, accessories and associated failure modes
Design of transmission line steel structures, components, foundations and their related failure modes
Steel coatings, corrosion and remediation measures