Job Description :

This person will be a SME on the TICK and ELK stacks focused on:
hardening the platform to make it more resilient and making the system more scalable.
Likely responsibilities:
• Responsible for development and delivery of TICK Stack and Elastic Stack software components as part of the Network Services Assurance System (NSAS) platform
• Apply expertise in configuration , scaling, and resiliency of TICK and Elastic components.
• Act as primary resource for production support escalations relating to TICK and ELK stack components.
• Work to resolve to identify root cause and resolve production TICK and Elastic defects.
• Participate in two Agile scrum teams through the SAFe/Agile Orange Train SA-KLO and SA-AUTO scrums.
• Accept assignment and work user stories in these scrums for platform configuration , scaling, and resiliency in each scrum , with an approximate allocation of 50% for each scrum.
• Engage with vendors Elastic Corp, and InfluxData Corp to open support tickets, and work to resolve issues and implement solutions



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