Job Description :
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As a Technical Requirements Analyst, You Will:
· Provide leadership and direction to lesser experienced Business Analysts
· Develop and analyze business and user requirements for clarity, completeness, scope, and technical feasibility
· Decompose business and user requirements into system and software functional requirements
· Define system quality and operational attributes, external interfaces, constraints, rules, and other non-functional requirements
· Develop system use cases that describe the system’s intended functional behavior and serve as SME/Product Analyst
· Develop supplementary specifications that capture system requirements that are not readily captured in use cases
· Perform requirements modeling and diagram flows which depict various perspectives of the system’s functional behavior
· Develop software requirements specifications that capture the software requirements for the complete system and serve as the “build-to” specification for development
· Provide authoritative understanding of the systems implementation independent behavior to support:
1) test designers in the development of software test plans and test cases.
2) Solution architects in the development of architecture and design models;
3) data designers in the development of logical and physical data models
· Serve as the development team representative during UAT for the purpose of clarifying the intended functional behavior of the software
· Manage requirements using the Jira/Confluence/Zephyr requirements management package
· Manage requirements traceability to include development of requirements traceability matrices
· Support requirements triage to select the right requirements to include in a specific software release. Activities would include identification of relationships and dependencies between requirements, and estimation of technical effort
· At the end of each iteration or release, produce a lessons learned report which summarizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the requirements practices and resources employed on the project
· Serve as primary liaison between the technical team and the product team and end-users for the purpose of establishing a common understanding of requirements and the as-built product
· Interview users, analyzing their IT needs in order to develop descriptions of moderately complex systems proposals.

To Be Successful, You Need:
· Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field preferred (or equivalent experience)
· At least three years of experience in programming or testing
· At-least 3-4 years of experience working with relational databases to facilitate programming software. Ability to write and interpret complex SQL Queries
· At least 3 years of experience with Jira/Confluence/Zephyr
· At least 3 years of experience with Technology Architecture (Mainframe, Client Server and Web), Project Planning and Estimating, Systems Analysis and Assessment; Project Management
· At least 3 years of in-depth experience with Post Adjudication of health insurance claims and voucher systems that produce payment/output to members and providers

o Voucher/holiday cycles
o Formatting and generating HIPPA 835 transactions; associated TR3 guidelines
o Building and generating Paper remittance; formats and contents
o Member Refund and Provider Retention recovery processes
o Peripheral financial processes
§ General Ledger entries; accounts, debits and credits
§ Banking application integration
§ Cash management reconciliation
§ 1099
§ Reporting, full spectrum financial reconciliation and balancing
· Basic programming skills is a plus
· Knowledge of BPM and Workflow systems is a plus
· Good personal computer and business solutions software skills is a plus
· Analytical and problem-solving skills for design, creation and testing of programs is a plus
· Interpersonal skills to interact with team members is a plus
· Communication skills to work effectively with team members, support personnel, and clients is a plus
· Ability to work independently and as part of a team is a plus
· Functional Analysis & Design is a plus
· Testing is a plus
· System Development background is a plus