Job Description :
Microsoft is looking for a Technical Project Manager to help with the Black Forest migration project. Supplier will provide a Technical Project Manager to manage the development and testing of tools to migrate users from our Black Forest Office 365 cloud environment to the World Wide Office 365 environment. High level activities include day to day tracking and reporting of progress of the development work, dependencies on various components and effect of changes in schedule on overall plan, setting up test environments and making sure that test coverage and overall plan address all scenarios and addressing problems as they arise during the lifecycle of the project.

1) Project management of the Black Forest Migration project:
a. Create and manage the overall master schedule identifying various milestones, dependencies and critical paths and resources
b. Run daily scrum meetings to discuss progress, open issues, mitigations etc
c. Generate and send out weekly status reports
d. Highlight slips in schedules, risks, open issues and resource + other constraints across all teams
e. Work with teams to identify solutions and mitigations for risks and plan ahead to hit major milestones
2) Own and manage VSO/ADO queries tracking work items, features, bugs across all teams and track progress/burn downs and glide path to completion
3) Run daily/weekly triage of coordinated test env issues. Create and manage Azure and Office365 Subscriptions and test environments. Tracks teams’ usage of test accounts/subscriptions and manage resources efficiently.
4) Work with Program Managers and Engineering Managers from various teams to define criteria for exiting various milestones, prepare field resources for working with customers during migrations and have various solutions/mitigations ready to recover data/productivity loss, as needed, during migration

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