Job Description :
Technical Content Developer – Security Content
Location: Remote Work
Duration: 2 years

Candidates must be W2 and will work remote. 8+ years of Tech Writing experience. Focus on candidates who have content development experience of technical information by analyzing security alternatives, problems, and solutions. Please provide samples for security-focused content design and the user experience.

Principal Accountabilities:
*Writes, edits and proofs hardcopy and online documents for consistency. Examples: reference documents for hardware and software products, external security blogs, external and internal technical white papers, external security advisories and security notices, security guides, internal security policies, procedures, and standards.
*Ensures all deliverables are technically and mechanically accurate.
*Collaborates with department team members, engineering, marketing, security, services, legal, regulatory and others to develop content for standard documentation sets, software and special initiatives in-line with security initiatives.
*Creates and manages document schedules, content management, and information architecture.
*Maintains content, tools, application access, account administration, and workflow administration.

Principal Responsibilities:
*Plans and directs the creation and design of technical information by analyzing security alternatives, problems, and solutions.
*Acts as the content strategist and security-focused authority for content design and the user experience.
*Works part of Dell’s Structured Content team and participates in the internal structured content community.
*Works with editors, incorporating editorial feedback to ensure that style and standards are appropriately expressed in technical content and media.
*Applies UX criteria to evaluate a variety of outputs, including PDF/HTML documents, KB articles, web pages, blog articles, wikis, videos, and online help systems.
*Contributes to the development of content strategy and governance standards that are important to the company.
*Leads content design and process improvement activities, coordinates, and executes content development and user experience plans.
*Assumes leadership roles in content strategy, development, design, and UX programs.
*Acts as a customer advocate and actively participates in customer engagement programs.
*Understands prevalent software development environments and proposes best practices for content development, design, and UX standards within a given software development environment such as Agile.
*Provides recommendations to senior management on strategic issues based on expert knowledge and understanding of common content development, content design, and UX practices.

Understanding of business environment.
Negotiation skills.
Solid understanding of the competition.
Ability to lead, motivate and direct a workgroup.
Ability to influence others to achieve results.
Knowledge of and sensitivity to country norms and practices.
Mentoring/Coaching skills.
Broad knowledge of all aspects of technical content development, design, and UX strategies and methodologies.
Expertise in content development processes, applications, and tools, which provides immediate value to projects and problem solving
Expertise in industry standards such as DITA, XML, and HTML
Expertise in job related content authoring, publishing, and graphic design tools

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field, or equivalent professional experience
8+ years of related experience in a professional role
A true passion for customers and customer success
Strong project management skills (e.g. planning, organizing, monitoring and reporting on project
Ability to prioritize projects, tasks, and deliverables and manage dynamic priorities
Strong analytical, process management and reporting skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Results-driven and accountability-minded
Ability to operate effectively in a fast-paced environment with competing and shifting priorities

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