Job Description :
Technical Architect


Long Term

Primary Skill AngularJS

1 - Spring Boot (P5 - Master) | 2 - DevOps (P4 - Expert) | 3 - Technology Architectures (P4 - Expert) | 4 - Advance Front End Development AngularJS (P1 - Beginner) | 5 - JavaServer Pages (JSP) (P1 -


Microservices and Light Weight Architecture - Review and integrate all application requirements, including functional, security, integration, performance, quality and operations requirements. Review and integrate the technical architecture requirements. Provide input into final decisions regarding hardware, network products, system software and security.

(1) Solid experience in designing and implementing the simple, scalable, resilient, and secure cloud-native application in multi-cluster on-prem and off-prem cloud environment using open source community-driven tools and technologies.

(2) Strong Architectural background in UML using Visual Modeling Tools (EA Sparx / Visio

(3) Perform Technology alternate assessment, create Proof-of-Concept, provides guidance and direction to project teams to ensure compliance with the standards and best practices.

(4) Experienced in building customer experience-centric solutions that provide effortless and guided shopping experience. Able to provide technical oversight to the team.

(5) Provide help in creating solutions using simple/elegant light-weight architectures and optimum DevOps automation which fixes technology debts and improves the customer experience.

(6) Able to a solution on rearchitecting the monolithic products to convert into the modern application by using digital decoupled and reactive event-driven architecture.

Thanks & Regards

Mohammed Shoaib

Sage IT Inc.

Email: mshoaib (at) sageitinc (dot) net

Client : Accenture