Job Description :
We are looking for a Full time/contract employee for a Tableau Developer.

The contractor will provide Developer Analyst support for the implementation of Tableau Dashboards for the IDD-BHS Division in the Office of Decision Support.
This position will assist collect business dashboard requirements by establishing themes, epics, user stories, and features that make up the product backlog.
This position will develop the complex Tableau dashboard and train the existing internal staff for future work.
Dashboard mockup development and user validation. Acquires data from a variety of data sources for use by Tableau dashboards and reports.
Connects Tableau data visualization objects to external data sources, including the testing and validation of the Tableau object’s ability to connect. Collaborates with other members of the Team on the design and implementation of optimal data design to support a Tableau reporting system.
Testing, validation, and deployment of webpages and Tableau objects into a production environment.
Experience with publishing internal and external dashboards to the organization and a demonstrated understanding of the architecture involved.
Experience working with all levels of an organization, along with the ability to collaborate and present at the executive level (regarding dashboards Project management expertise to structure work, timelines, and lead a team along with the soft skills to appropriately set stakeholder expectations. Excellent at quickly teaming with a variety of stakeholders and resources.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply here.

https://app. unnanu. com/jobboard/apply/JID000001140