Job Description :


The team works on keeping Maps Data current and reflective of real world changes. They work on issues submitted by end users of Maps or tests the location results of user queries submitted via Search (Web) or Maps interface.

A Mapping System Specialist is a domain specific subject-matter expert in functionality, features, and purpose of tools, applications, and infrastructure. They are expected to improve processes by finding ways to better utilize existing tools or by suggesting better configuration, additional features, or functionality.

Role & Responsibilities

· Draft tools requirements documents (ORDs).

· Conduct black-box testing of new tool features and provide detailed feedback.

· Manage domain issue configurations, configuration files, and run batch issue creation/mutation scripts, Read/Create regular expressions

· Support Geo Mapping Data Technicians by creating and improving configurations to improve daily workflows.

· Use GIS skills to support the geo data processing lifecycle from ingestion to submission.

· Document and quantify the impact of suggested feature/functionality or infrastructure changes.

· Use of SQL, Javascript & object oriented programming concepts, Python and Suggest snippets to improve the code and application / tool functionality ; Refine to implement algorithms to improve edit outputs

· Build and maintain data pipeline(s) as required

· Triage and debug complex issues impeding workflows, and resolve and document edge-cases

· Cross pollinate tooling solutions throughout teams and projects.

· Leverage Machine Learning and artificial intelligence output data to continually improve system tooling and workflows

Experience / Skills

· 6 months - 2 years of experience

· High school graduate or equivalent

· Technological savviness - with knowledge of - troubleshooting steps (for any app/tool) , experience and expertise in SQL, Javascript / Appscript

· Knowledge of object oriented programming concepts implementation (C, C++ etc) and python

· Deep understanding of feature protos and ability to understand the technical architecture

· Strong problem-solving skills and excellent attention to detail, reasoning and analytical thinking , ability to deep dive into data and derive insights

· Excellent verbal and written communication communication skills with ability to interact multiple stakeholders

· Comfortable with a rapidly-changing environment

· Basic understanding of Data science packages (NumPy, Pandas) and frameworks (PySpark, Tensor flow)

Client : Cognizant


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