Job Description :

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or similar field of study.
84 months of experience specialized in systems integrations involving multiple disparate mid-tier platforms including LINUX or Unix and Windows.
84 months of experience with data systems utilizing Oracle and other leading database platforms.
84 months of experience designing and implementing Service Oriented systems using an Enterprise Services Bus Or similar technology and Business Process Execution or similar language.
84 Months using LDAP or Enterprise Identity and Access Management solutions in large enterprise implementations
84 Months of Enterprise Architecture Experience including managing enterprise solutions, software license agreements, procurements, RFIs, RFPs, write proposals and overall enterprise budgets
84 months of experience in Audit and event logging, as well as utilizing Performance Monitoring AIX and Performance Monitoring LINUX tools.
84 months of experience designing, developing, implementing and supporting java based enterprise applications.
84 months experience in infrastructure Capacity Planning, Performance Management and related functions.

Client : State of New York


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