Job Description :

To provide specialized software maintenance for systems directly or indirectly tied to traffic operation or intelligent traffic systems.
Maintain systems utilizing a subset of the following technologies and skill-sets:  SQL Server, CNet, Java, Silverlight, AJAX, and ESRI BING GIS Technologies.
The Resource will also be required to work on other objectives or mandates
Perform specified work and enhancements on the traffic-related equipment inventory and activity system, media tracking, and contract systems.
Provide application support and work as assigned Client.
Follow project development and management processes.
Provide knowledge transfer, mentoring, and training.
Mandatory Requirements

Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Management, Management Information Systems or related fields such as Accounting or Mathematics, or the knowledge, skill and workplace experience equivalent to four (4) years of college and course work in the aforementioned subjects. 
Candidate must possess excellent oral and written communication skills in the English language.
Candidate must have 5 years of experience developing, enhancing and maintaining traffic operations and intelligent traffic systems.
Candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience interviewing users and preparing the following types of documentation requirements, design specifications, test plans, user processes, and manuals.
Microsoft Windows Server / IIS
Microsoft Visual Studio
SQL Server; including stored procedures and user defined functions.
Multi-tier design and development
VB.Net, CNet and ASP.Net
ESRI and BING GIS Development
Business Intelligent Development Studio
jQuery libraries
A e Acrobat Pro
Candidate must have 5 years’ experience supporting applications in a mixed .asp and .aspx environment.
Candidate must have proven expertise in the creation of web sites, web services.
Candidate must have proven expertise in preparing and giving presentations for all levels of users.
Candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience developing and distributing reports through SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Reporting.
2+ years of recent experience providing application training, IBM Enterprise Records (IER) configuration, and mentoring to agency, business, or organization staff.