Job Description :
*Role- SSIS Lead Software Engineer
*Location- Richmond, VA
*Years of Exp- 10+ minimum
*No. of Position- 2
*Job description:
Senior developer/tech lead will be responsible for the coding, testing and delivery of the ABC framework which includes a real-time batch job dashboard, common logging framework, log aggregation monitoring and alerts, process orchestration, SFTP, data exchange, data processing inbound and outbound, and file data validation. This individual will lead by example, by writing high quality and testable code in SSIS/SQL, that will demonstrate the design and coding standards for the development team. This individual will be on point to resolve technical/code issues for the team. This individual will run system demos and must be a seasoned professional who can communicate effectively with deep dive tech details to developers and at the same time high level concepts to leadership. The senior
developer/lead roles critical in translating business requirements to software design. And to the extent this individual understands the business of Medicare Advantage, we will build software that is closer to the mark.This individual must be well organized, and well prepared, and answers to questions must be quick and concise, starting with this interview process.
*Primary responsibilities:
Writing, testing and deploying reusable SSIS/SQL code that process data extract files into databases, and vice versa. Experience with developing SSIS frameworks, which operate with master/child SSIS packages which are loosely coupled and highly cohesive is a must. Please ask about this experience. The evaluation criteria for the right response is (a) the technical answer, and (b) the ability to communicate a complex concept in simple terms Translating business requirements to software design for the team. Business domain knowledge of Medicare Advantage is a critical for this role, and will help us build software that meets business requirements. Please ask about this experience. To any level this individual is comfortable, describe the front-end sales and enrollment process of a Medicare Advantage plan