Job Description :
Data analysis and database management
Strong experience using SSIS as the ETL tool in a data warehouse environment.
Exercises, in conjunction with the enterprise data architect, independent decision making to creates processes which initiate the ETL, developing stream-lined processes for extracted data loading to destination databases.
Performs data profiling of source data to identify data quality issues and anomalies, business knowledge embedded in data, gathering of natural keys, and metadata information.
Creates data validation rules on source data to confirm the data has correct and/or expected values.
Creates process cleanup after complex ETL processes which release resources used to run ETL. This would include error handling and SSIS restart.
Designs and implements technology best practices, guidelines, and repeatable processes.
(Physical) Environment-level administration; installation/patch/upgrade of database software; management of HA, database-level security; maintenance of database configuration files and data files; completion of database reorganizations, environment tuning, refreshes, exports and imports, backup and recovery; performance of capacity planning driven by technology and resource usage trends