Job Description :
Sr. Technical Consultant Open Text
Location- Richardson, Texas
Contract- 4 months
? Minimum 3-5 years of excellent hands-on experience with OpenText suite of products (Application Integrator, Secure Link, BizLink, TrustedLink) specifically in below areas.
? Installation and configuration of OpenText products in new environments such as DEV/QA/PROD.
? Upgrading to latest versions of these software and performing required data/database migrations.
? Experience in migrating OpenText from on-premise to Azure cloud.
? Experience in migrating dependent tables, maps, partner setups from AI/BizLink/Trusted Link.
? Experience in deploying/configuring these products in a Linux platform.
? Knowledge of these applications impacts due to upgrade/migration.
? Knowledge of various EDI standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI, XML.
? Knowledge of various communication protocols such as HTTP/s, AS2, sFTP.
? Integration testing of EDI platform with various external systems/partners/suppliers
? Installation and configuration in new environments.
? Required software version upgrades and migration to Azure or AWS.
? Integration testing with various external systems and ERP products.
? Familiarity with standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI, XML.
? Familiarity with communication protocols such as HTTP/s, AS2, sFTP.
? Deploying application components in DEV/QA/PROD environments.
? Desired Skills: .
? Experience with Azure cloud infrastructure provisioning, migration of packaged products.
? Collaboration experience inworking with UAT/regression teams for EDI platform testing