Job Description :
Urgent Job Opening - Sr. Software Test Designer / Evaluation Planner (for a Prototype Development project with Dummy Datas) needed 100% REMOTE – Long Term.

Start Date: 10/10/2020
Interview: Immediate via Phone / Video / Zoom
Location: 100% REMOTE
Duration: Long Term


While submitting your resume, candidate has to send us a very detail oriented SUMMARY / COVER LETTER about your approach by ADDRESSing each and every one of the bullet points given in the JOB DESCRIPTION.
Without the detail oriented SUMMARY / COVER LETTER, we DO NOT consider resumes.



1. In support of Enterprise Digital Learning Modernization (EDLM) and Total Learning Architecture efforts, this contract provides support in development of prototype capabilities for an Enterprise Learner Record Repository (ELRR) that reliably, securely, and ethically manages learner data collected across disparate systems throughout an individual’s career.
2. Final decision on software development tools will be based on conversations during project planning and discovery related to the client's test approach and other expected development practices.
3. Given a focus on DevOps practices, expect typical DevOps tools for CD / CI (Continuous Deployment / Improvement (e.g., GitHub, Jenkins);
4. Given a focus on Microservices, expect DevSecOps tools (e.g., Docker);
5. Given the expected AWS hosting and platform environment, expect some AWS tools (e.g., Lambda Compute
6. Expected testing tools will be typical for AGILE software development and will be based on conversation during project planning and discovery related to the client's test approach and other expected development practices.
7. Demonstrate at-scale (i.e., thousands of simulated) learner records aggregated from multiple and disparate (simulated) digital learning-delivery platforms, federated across at least three network boundaries in a sandbox environment replicating real systems.
8. The learning records data will also federate with semantic information (e.g., competencies, credentials) and simulated profile data (e.g., learner attributes, individual identities The resulting records will maintain their data lineage at the enterprise level and be collectively interrogatable from a single human-usable portal.
9. You will apply innovative practices to perform software system development services and data standards support, to include technical, administrative, and professional services for the purpose of developing the ELRR functional prototype, the ELRR Data Fabric, the Learner API, and associated documentation as well as other administrative deliverables that support these efforts.
10. Provide the support with the Enterprise Learner Record Repository software requirements development and test design Note – these are the overarching requirements to be Delivered and support across these requirements are to be provided by the contractors.

ELRR Test Design
11. Support the Development of a Test & Evaluation Plan.
12. Support the identification of different types of testing (e.g. unit, performance, integration, user acceptance) that need to be conducted to confirm that the application changes are in accordance with the requirements and support the intended business objectives.
13. Support the definition of entry criteria for each type of testing and support the definition of exit criteria for determining if a particular test type is complete based on the requirements; accurate test exit criteria minimizes the need to fix the same issue multiple times.

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