Job Description :
Mandatory Skills:-
Should have minimum 10 years of experience.
Java microservices along with (Spring boot OR Spring cloud framework)
Strong working experience in ANY OF data processing framework could be (Kafka, Spark, Couchbase, Snowflake, ElasticSearch, Redis, Airflow, Redshift, Hive, Hadoop, or similar)
Expertise working with relational and non-relational databases like Couchbase, Spark.
Experience in developing in the Cloud (Paas/Saas- Azure OR AWS

Required Skills:-
Expert programming skills in Enterprise Java frameworks implementing microservices and applying object oriented principles for application design
Expertise building scalable implementations with modern data processing frameworks (Kafka, Spark, Couchbase, Snowflake, Elasticsearch, Redis, Airflow, Redshift, Hive, Hadoop, or similar)
Expertise working with relational and non-relational databases at scale
Expertise architecting and developing highly reliable, fault-tolerant distributed applications in the Cloud (PaaS/SaaS – Azure, AWS, etc
Expertise re-architecting monolithic legacy applications to modern application architectures
Subscribe to fast-paced Agile principles with technical designs, iterative development, code reviews, and ability to quickly leverage a wide variety of upstream open source development
Keen attention to detail, ability to dive deep, and expert problem solving skills.

Roles and Responsibilities:-
As a software engineer, you will design and develop high performance applications to power client’s order fulfillment stack.
You will apply distributed computing to design and implement system architectures that are highly scalable, highly available and fully fault tolerant.
You will collaborate with cross functional teams working with cutting edge technologies to modernize our stack.
You will implement algorithms and deploy statistical models that work with massive amounts of data to drive customer experience and optimize fulfillment cost.
Your implementations will handle billions of fulfillment events a day and serve to fulfill millions of orders across multiple business lines.
Design algorithms and develop applications in areas of Order Fulfillment
Apply modern architectures for building highly scalable high performing applications
Hands-on ownership developing distributed implementations in public Cloud and on-prem
Participate in the entire SaaS life-cycle applying best practices that drive agility and quality
Work closely with product management and program management to derive application requirements, set expectations, and communicate progress