Job Description :

Role: Sr. Manager/Lead (- SAP and with Ariba)

Location: Remote

Duration: Long Term Contract


5-7 year of experience in SAP and with Ariba

Strong interpersonal skills

Need a consultative resource

Someone who can drive results

The client is looking for someone to deliver a technological “tool” to minimize duplicate record entry and create the data governance / processes to ensure their system maintains data integrity over the long term.

There are manual and automated aspects to the need – we do not know if this will be a tool or custom software that can be created (a resource strong in Ariba should be able to ask the right questions to determine the answer), but it will need to be automated with some manual confirmation (working in Excel will not be enough)

The client wants the heavy lifting done in automated fashion

They have a single database for global vendors in Ariba and have 20-25 other ERP systems locally (in each country) with their own vendor list

Mapping needs to occur between local and global systems to recognize the same supplier in both locations

As new country comes online they want to be able to go through an auto process to ensure they don't duplicate these vendor IDs

This will be a bi-directional interface

Sr. Manager/Lead needs to know how Ariba loads vendors at a global and corporate level, so they can help make the interface function with minimal human input (automated)



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