Job Description :

Sr Front End Developer
We are looking for a front-end developer with Ruby on Rails and React skills, responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side and client-side logic for applications that interface with private and public APIs while ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from end users. You will be responsible for integrating the design and UI/UX elements built by your co-workers into the application. You will fit right in if...
•  You believe the best collaboration occurs through transparency, strong communication, and healthy debate
•  You challenge others to be better, welcome new ideas, and advocate for the best solution
•  You champion automation and focus on doing fewer things, faster and more efficient
•  You have strength in communication and problem solving; adaptable, proactive, and willing to take ownership.
•  You have experience leaning on your project management abilities, capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously under time constraints, within budget parameters, and working with a distributed team
•  You are willing to learn from others to enhance your own skills.
•  You have been part of team working in a SDLC such with established methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, XD, TDD, DDD, Safe, etc.
•  You are are used to implementing software design patterns, enterprise integration patterns, and both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms.
•  You have experience with leveraging open source frameworks and libraries such as React, Vue, Angular, Material-UI, automated testing frameworks (Jest, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, xUnit, jUnit, and others).
•  You have working knowledge with CI/CD/DevOps practices and technologies like GitLab/GitHub, containers/orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes), package managers, Jenkins, CircleCI, Ansible/Chef/Puppet, and infrastructure-as-code.
•  You demonstrate the ability to quickly master and apply new technologies, practices and patterns.
•  You always strive to inclination to automate all varieties of testing (unit, integration, end-to-end).
•  You understand fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.
•  You have used front-end development languages and tools, such as HTML5, CSS3, and server-side CSS preprocessors, such as SASS.
•  You understand web technologies and standards, including JSON, HTTP, and Restful APIs/Web Services.
•  You have experience with Ruby on Rails, along with other common libraries such as RSpec and Resque
•  You have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming concepts
•  You have used server-side templating languages (HAML)
•  You explain the benefits of using MVC, Mocking, and RESTful APIs
•  You have used with development aiding tools such as Bundler, Rake, etc.


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