Job Description :
This position will be responsible for analyzing business and systems requirements, developing and debugging unit test code, and participating in the software development lifecycle to deliver the expected business results. This position will also participate in code reviews to ensure the performance, reliability and quality to the deployed solution. In addition, Unified Modeling Language (UML) will be used to document and communicate the technical solution being implemented. Client is entering the execution phase of a large technology upgrade project.

The scope of the project includes the migration of Medicaid-related systems functionality from an Active Server Pages (ASP)/Visual Basic 6/COM application to Microsoft .NET-based system. The migration will require developers to analyze a website containing Active Server Pages (ASP), which contain both user interface (HTML) and business logic code (VB Script), for the purposes of designing and implementing a new Microsoft .NET-based website usinga href="; target="_blank">>.

The department is seeking a Unit Test Developer role to analyze and document the systems requirements, develop and validate unit tests, and support the new Microsoft .NET system using Visual Studio 2019. In addition, the Unit Test Developer will be participating in code reviews and supporting continuous integration throughout the software development lifecycle.

Responsibilities for this position include the following:

•Using Unified Modeling Language (UML) to document the technology solution, including class

diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and deployment diagrams

• Developing and validating unit tests using Visual Studio 2019

• Serve as a Microsoft .NET Subject Matter Expert (SME) throughout the software development lifecycle,

including the facilitation of code reviews for other developers

• Ensure all defects discovered through unit testing are addressed successfully

• Ensure that the unit test suite is executed during the continuous integration process

• Participate in technology analysis, continuous integration and systems requirements discussions

A successful candidate for this role is expected to possess the following skills and experience:

• An extensive understanding of unit testing techniques and continuous integration

• Extensive experience with Microsoft Visual Studio versions including 2019

• Extensive experience developing, debugging and unit testinga href="; target="_blank">>websites

• Ability to analyze and document business and systems requirements

• Experience delivering in an agile / iterative delivery environment

• Ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of personalities and work styles

• Ability to break down complex tasks into actionable work items

• Ability to work independently and communicate effectively