Job Description :
Sr. DevOps Engineer
Sacramento or the Bay Area, CA
6+ Months

A candidate for this position must have had at least 3 years of working experience in a DevOps capacity, preferably working support personnel for a DevOps Engineer in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment. He will also have a proven and successful experience developing large scale software solutions in more than one language, for example, JavaScript, Java, .NET, Python, and so forth.

The DevOps Engineer is further tasked with designing and developing the businesss infrastructure architecture as well as developing automated scripts meant for building development and production environments. In this capacity he must be familiar with Docker and docker-compose, as well as AWS cloudformation. He will also be highly familiar with the workings of Java, as well as expertise in cloud platforms such as AWS. The DevOps Engineer is a high-quality coder and, as such, he authors tools that improve developer capacity and productivity. Must demonstrate the ability to code to RESTFUL APIs.

A candidate for this position must demonstrate high familiarity with technology and exceptionally good computer skills. Ideally at a senior level Linux Administrator with 3-5 years of experience.

He must also be highly familiar with open source and commercial monitoring systems like Zabbix, Nagios, and so forth and be highly knowledgeable of Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins, Maven, GitHub, and SVN. He will be experienced in container orchestration software such as Kubernetes, Mesos, docker-swarm or Rancher. In his capacity as a Jenkins administrator - he must demonstrate experience with the Pipeline plugin, and Jenkinsfile for build + deployment automation.

8+ years of experience working with Jenkins and Maven
2+ years working with Docker.
Recent experience with AWS
Strong Shell scripting in Python
Strong knowledge of Git/Stash/Maven and Unix/Linux OS, Jenkins and Build and release configuration/management
Extensive experience building a Continuous Deployment platform for spring-based micro services using Jenkins, Docker, and AWS EC2
Hard working, self-motivated automation engineer that works independently
BS in Computer Science, MIS, business or equivalent education/training/experience strong communication skills