Job Description :
DevOps (CI/CD) Engineer Mobile, Microservices (EKS) on Cloud

As a DevOps Engineer, we are looking for someone who is passionate about building and managing mobile CI/CD pipelines and Microservices CI/CD pipelines on AWS EKS/ECS and GCP. Additionally, preferable to have deployed machine learning models using docker images to Kubernetes (EKS)/ ECS.

You will bring solid experience in Mobile App DevOps and Microservices DevOps with Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD tools such as Spinaker, Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins, Gradle, Bitbucket, fastlane, Jacoco/Jest, SonarCube, AWS Device Farm/Firebase.

You will be fully utilizing AWS with services such as Cloud Formation Templates/Terraform, S3, FSx Lustre, EC2, ECS/EKS, Lambda, Route53, CloudFront, API Gateway, Istio and many more.

Responsibilities & Expectations:
Strong experience with developing and Managing DevOps pipelines for Mobile Applications
Strong experience with getting mobile applications approved and made available in iOS App Store and Android PlayStore
Strong experience with deploying MicroServices on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)/ECS clusters with Devops (CI/CD) pipelines
Strong experience with Mobile Devops and Kubernetes/ECS and Microservices Devops architecture
Experience with AWS multi-site Availability Zones and Cross Region Communications & CFTs and GCP Terraform

Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree
At least 10+ years’ of hands-on Software Development experience
At least 3 years’ of experience with Mobile Application DevOps (Jenkins, Fastlane, Jacoco/Jest, Gradle, etc)
At least 3 years’ of experience with Kubernetes and Microservices DevOps CI/CD implementations
At least 3 years’ of experience with CI/CD Pipeline (Jenkins, Cucumber, Spinaker, JIRA, Selenium)

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience with setting up AI/Machine Learning DevOps Pipelines
Familiarity with GCP (Google Cloud) Terraform
At least 3 years’ of experience with ELK (Elastic Search, LogStash & Kibana)

If interested, please reach me at g . s a g a r i k a @ c o n g l o m e r a t e i t . c o m or 4 6 9 2 4 9 8 2 6 2